Welcome to our learning community!

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Our religious education program is designed to enrich the lives of children, youth and families.  We strive to help one another grow in compassion, deepen understanding and appreciation of our religiously diverse world, and live our UU principles in daily life.  We encourage parents to ask questions, and participate in a variety of programs offered at TUC.  We look forward to working with you to nurture the lives of our children and youth!

Religious Education Program

We welcome families of all shapes and sizes! We offer a flexible program to help young people share ideas, practice friendship, and put their beliefs into action. Our service-learning program is open to all Kindergarten-12th grade youth. The goals of our program include:

  • Provide opportunities for young people to experience their power to make a positive difference

  • Experience learning and service as a central part of our beliefs and practices

  • Cultivate young people's natural sense of justice and compassion

Our program is made possible thanks to the generous support of our congregation, and an amazing group of teachers and parents, who give generous time, energy and spirit. Our teachers must past a background check to participate in the program. A registration form, available at the Welcome Table, is required so we have vital information to care for your children and youth.

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