mayfield community gardens

The Mayfield Community Garden is excited to have expanded twice in 2015 and 2016 to a second location at the northwest corner of Mayfield and Fulton Streets which will allow us to make more raised beds available to our neighbors and to grow vegetables for a food pantry. The Mayfield Community Garden thanks Third Unitarian Church for making its space available to the garden. Charitable donations to the garden via Third Unitarian Church are fully tax deductible. 

Within the two large garden plots, there are beds available for members and neighbors to rent for a nominal fee as well as garden beds where the harvest is donated to the Sisters of Notre Dame Food Pantry.

There is room for you, please join us. 

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Click through the pictures below to see the year in growing and harvesting at Mayfield Community Garden.


Mayfield gardens

301 N Mayfield
Chicago, IL 60644