minister & Staff


Rev. colleen vahey - minister

Rev. Vahey began as our minister in August 2017.   Over the past 25 years she has served as a hospital chaplain, religious educator, assistant minister, and college lecturer.  She also serves as the part-time Faith in Action minister at Unity Temple in Oak Park.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, Colleen has also lived in Australia, Switzerland, France, and Czech Republic. She enjoys reading, kayaking, and spending time in nature.  Her love of ministry is helping people find meaning and purpose, building the beloved community, and working for justice.

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kyle stephens - music director

Kyle Stephens is a composer, pianist and educator. Having studied jazz and composition at Northern Illinois University and earning his Bachelor’s in composition, Kyle is an in-demand composer and arranger for middle school and high school ensembles. Kyle is fluent in numerous genres and styles within the realms classical, jazz, and pop music. He loves working with kids and teaches a studio of 20-30 students. Kyle is also a visual artist and enjoys writing short stories and humor pieces.

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We are delighted to welcome a new member to our staff team!  Kimberly Lindor brings a tremendous commitment to education and the spiritual journey.  Kim is compassionate, organized, and dedicated to TUC's mission of learning, fostering community partnerships, and building the beloved community.  As an educator and mother of three children, Kim values the congregation as a learning community, and looks forward to creating meaningful, relevant and engaging experiences for young people and their families.  

office administrator - deb jensen
Religious education ASSISTANT - lily masson

custodian - larry Evans

The Reverend Donald H Wheat, Minister Emeritus